[Ardour-Users] Basic set of cross-platform plugins?

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Sun Jun 14 07:07:10 PDT 2015

On 06/14/2015 01:04 PM, Jörn Nettingsmeier wrote:

> yeah, i should have - there was some refresh funkiness leading to the
> disapperance of the window content (cured by minimizing and maximizing
> again, I've seen it sporadically on a nouveau-driven nvidia card). will
> look at it again and report if it appears again.

I've seen similar things in the past on a box with the nouveau-driver.

As far as I can tell, the openGL state is not restored properly if a
GL-thread is preempted.

You may be able to reproduce it by opening the goniometer (threaded UI),
some other meter.lv2 GUI and some other openGL app.

The solution is to use the nvidia-binary driver or a different nouveau
version or simply a graphics card that has a sane driver. This is not
something that can be fixed at application level.

>> As for the the "non-feedback delay", are you looking for a simple
>> delayline (without any musical properties, just a basic delay with
>> sample accuracy)?
> yes, just a compensating delay, samples is fine (gets my students to do
> some thinking),

balance.lv2 has a dial to set delay and reports samples + ms. It's also
cross platform and providing builds of that is on the ToDo list,
probably overkill for the case at hand though. Personally I use

> but from a usability POV a sample-rate dependent scale
> in meters and ms would be nice as well.

Thanks to David, ardour supports unit conversion and can also map
parameters to musical time (only LV2 ports with proper units).
e.g. delay 3 beats at the current tempo.

However sample to meters does not exist yet.
We first need a preference pane for atmospheric pressure and Kelvin room
temperature to calculate the speed of sound in the medium :)

>> Do you need a separate High-pass? With configurable order db/oct?
> Not necessarily separate (unless fil4 bands consume CPU power even if
> switched off, which I assume they don't), 

The filters run always but, thanks to Fons, don't need much CPU.
On an 8 year 1.6GHz code-duo, 1024fpp, a single instance adds about 1.5
- 2% DSP load.

> but something a bit steeper
> would be handy sometimes, up to 18 or 24 db/oct.
> The same for the low-pass, although that usecase is a lot more rare...

I'll check if there's already something out there. If not I'll put it on
the ToDo list.  Filing a feature request may also help to remind me.


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