[Ardour-Users] Autoscroll speed/zooming bug

Orm Finnendahl orm.finnendahl at selma.hfmdk-frankfurt.de
Sun Jul 26 05:43:54 PDT 2015


 when editing (dragging/trimming,...) items with a destination left or
right of the current edit window, the automatic scrolling invoked by
moving the mouse off the edit pane has lightning speed on my machine:
It is more or less impossible to sensitively move a region to less
than 10 screenfulls right or left. Is there a way to reduce the
scrolling speed?

There are some workarounds, one of them seems to expose a subtle bug
(I tried to register with mantis to report, but got a timeout from the

1. Zooming until the destination point for the operation is visible.

   That doesn't help in unfortunate length/(destination - origin)
   ratios as the region cannot be grabbed.

2. First grabbing the region, then, while holding the left mouse
   button, use the scroll wheel with optional modifier keys for
   shifting or zooming, which involves some sort of unusual finger
   gymnastics ;-)

   I guess this hasn't been tried very much and there seems to be a
   bug in the code. Try this to verify:

   - clicking on a region and zooming with the wheel while keeping the
     mouse button pressed will displace the cursor from the region (my
     zoom is cursor-centered).

   - moving the mouse will keep the offset between cursor and region.

   - if the region gets placed outside the edit window as a result of
     zooming, the size of the region isn't updated by zooming, so
     zooming until the region gets visible again results a wrong width
     of the region in relation to the zoom factor.

   - after releasing the mouse, the region snaps to the position of
     the cursor and gets redrawn in the correct size.

This is on Ardour 4.1.22 (named after a nice Brian Eno song/record)


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