[Ardour-Users] key bindings / issue relationships

Lukas Pirl ardour at lukas-pirl.de
Mon Jul 13 18:23:42 PDT 2015

Dear all,

it seems like the role "reporter" cannot set issue relationships. It
just wanted to embrace the issues concerning the key binding dialogue
and for cleanup, set related issue as duplicates.

However, if someone with the necessary access rights feels like doing
it, here we go:

already related:
  5530 duplicates 4544

to be added:
  5749 duplicates 4544
  3087 duplicates 4544 (but has a nice additional idea, maybe this
                        should be the ticket all others refer to)

I think personalizing key bindings especially could help for users
coming from other DAWs to feel a bit more home.



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