[Ardour-Users] ardour 4 // slow graphical interface

jk at jasonkahn.net jk at jasonkahn.net
Wed Apr 22 11:31:20 PDT 2015

hi chris

thanks for your reply.

just wondering if anyone can point me in the 
direction of some information on how to change 
these drivers. i'm a long-time linux user but have 
never needed to do this before, nor experienced 
this kind of problem with an application.

best regards


On 04/22/2015 08:21 PM, Chris Caudle wrote:
> On Wed, April 22, 2015 1:01 pm, jk at jasonkahn.net wrote:
>> i'm using a ASUS EN7300TC512 with NVIDIA GeForce
>> 7300 LE graphics engine.
> You could try changing to the NVidia closed source binary video driver,
> even if temporarily.  That would give indication whether the problem was
> really with the nouveau driver or not.

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