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JoergSorge joergsorge at kom-in.de
Sat Apr 11 10:23:10 PDT 2015

Am 11.04.2015 um 17:46 schrieb Paul Davis:
> On Sat, Apr 11, 2015 at 11:25 AM, JoergSorge <joergsorge at kom-in.de
> <mailto:joergsorge at kom-in.de>> wrote:
>     I would try to explain what's my thought about layering.
>     In my work, I have often to record interviews or narrators. The results
>     are: 123000456
>     This means, 000 are mistakes.
>     By editing, I think, most users set a cut after "3". And then, when the
>     new region, beginning with 000, there layerd under the first region,
> a cut does not cause region layering, since there is no overlap between
> the results of the cut.
> a playlist with no overlapping regions has all regions on a single
> layer. layers are only used to deal with overlaps.
>     you
>     have often nothing more to do, as to move the region in rigth direction
>     (under region one). That's all!
> if i understand correctly, your goal is: 123456, with a small overlap
> between 123456, and 456 above 123. correct?

No, 456 UNDER 123 with completly overlapping "000".

So, I haven't set a cut or trim before "456". Only I've to move the
"000456" region to the right...
shown in in two tracks:
see attatched pict.

I hope yo can understand it. I'm not a musican, so I can only speak for
routinely editing of speach. In some cases, we have a lot of cuts in a
speach, therefor, every click, that could be leave off, saves time...
(shorten too long answers in a interview, eliminate "Ahhs", cut off
mistakes at the beginning of a sentence and so on.

In the standard behavior, we need two cuts (ore one cut and one trim) to
eliminate the 000, then move the region to fill the gap, then fade to
make a smoth crossfade. Using ripple mode without additionally editing
the transition lead, in my opinion, often to "audible" cuts.

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