[Ardour-Users] ardour 4 // slow graphical interface

jk at jasonkahn.net jk at jasonkahn.net
Tue Apr 21 11:26:18 PDT 2015

hi everyone

i've experience a noticeable slowness in the 
reaction time of the ardour 4 interface. for 
example, when i try to draw automation, mute a 
track or use the region tool all these actions 
have a lag time: like i click, then nothing 
happens and then a second later (not precise 
measurement, but close engough) the task occurs.

i wanted to ask if anyone else has experienced 
this or if there is some setting in the 
preferences i can change to speed up the interface.

i never experienced this problem with ardour 2 or 
3 on this machine.

i am running debian linux "testing," with the 
following kernel (if this matters) 
linux-image-3.16-3-686-pae. 32-bit system, intel 
graphics card.

thanks for any help on this.


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