[Ardour-Users] timecode source switch by using alsa

JoergSorge joergsorge at kom-in.de
Mon Apr 20 03:28:53 PDT 2015


when using Ardour with alsa, IMHO, it can't be possible to set the
timecode source to jack, but it's possible, and then ardour is of course
not able to play.

When I have alsa in the audiosettings active, press the
Jack-Internal-Clock and export the range, it works, the Clock-Button
begins to blink, but in the audiosettings furthermore alsa is active.

For me, it's confusing, and for users, which don't have understanding of
the background (jack and alsa), I think, it's also confusing.

Or, do I see this wrong?

Regards, Joerg

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