[Ardour-Users] Soloing doesn't work

Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at stackingdwarves.net
Wed Mar 26 15:26:14 PDT 2014

On 03/26/2014 09:56 PM, rintimtim at gmx.net wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have a lot for now but I still have a problem with soloing tracks.
> I am premixing a drumset now and I did some routing... I have tracks and
> busses.
> But now soloing tracks or busses doesn't work anymore. The solo buttons
> are outlined green and the other tracks/busses are not muted when I hit
> a solo button. I don't know what to do.
> Please have a look at these pictures: http://imgur.com/a/j8DAf
> This guy seems he had/has the same problem.
> When want to solo a track I do have to switch to AFL-mode - that works.
> I may be wrong but it seems that it just begun as I startet defining
> groups. I deleted them for now but nothing helps.
> Any suggestions?
> Regards
> Tim

i think you can trigger this bug by creating a bus, soloing it, then 
deleting it. now all other tracks upstream will be "soloed-by" your 
deleted bus, and ardour cannot recover from this (or at least it 
couldn't when i last checked this, which is at least 6 months ago).

make a backup copy of your session file (the one ending in .ardour) and 
open it in a text editor. you will find soloed-by="" attributes in the 
routes (or maybe slightly different, don't remember). those are what's 
causing the green outlines. if you delete them, your session should be 
working as expected afterwards.

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