[Ardour-Users] Workflow for capturing improv

Damien Delpiroux xzurukneg at free.fr
Sun Mar 9 05:58:20 PDT 2014

Le 09/03/2014 00:10, jonetsu at teksavvy.com a écrit :

> Since some time I have two modes of basic operation:
Thanks for testify!

>  Ardours' metronome (which I have set to a uniform nice wood
> block sound). 
Please, share it in ardour forum! (and give back the link) ;D
(maybe I will do some thing like this too)

>  Laying down tracks with the metronome asures me that I'm in
> sync with 'something'. 
I agree. This is indispensable if you use Midi, or other soft (not my
case, my metronome is me! (drum)).



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