[Ardour-Users] Workflow for capturing improv

Damien Delpiroux xzurukneg at free.fr
Sat Mar 8 08:22:56 PST 2014

Hello Bill.

Nice to meet you, interesting questions.
(excuse my approximate language)
I would like to say: welcome to free world!

Free mean lonely, it's a fact of condition. (that DON'T mean autistic!)
So I would like to encourage you to find you're way (and ask and think
about it).
But only You will find it, nobody can do this for you; but we can help
you to.

I want also to say about setup of you're session: I don't think you will
find it "the first time"; so try, think, and re-try! ;D
for sure that will be a little complex.

> I'd like to basically just record a bunch of raw material, then edit
> it all down to a song.

I understand, but personally I have adapted this concept like this (for
1-I make "a bunch of raw material"
2- I export every interesting material (selection) to a specified folder
3-I let macerate or think how to make "a project" (or I have already me
idea of project)
4-I redo an entire new project (so re-record), with the "support" of the
selected material.

I would like to draw your attention on this point: would you really want
to make a song from "a bunch of raw material"?
Or better want to do like me: a second shoot more clear and coherent for
the project?
Whatever you choose, it's an important choice.
I've choose the second method, where I play more musical instrument
(because two times) but were editing and mixing is very cool, easy,
pleasant, fun and really faster!
But the first make also excellent thing (matter of taste..). sometimes

>  the recording of the improvised raw material (layers/takes on one
> track? Create a new track for each time I hit record?)
That depend.. it's complicate.. also a question of choice and taste.
(layers/takes) on one track is good to obtain exactly what you want, or
for a "hard technical"(musically) thing.

Some time I would like to have an option to create new track for each
takes when daw is playing a loop.
Anyone: Is that possible with Ardour3?

Good luke!



Mes annonces S.E.L. de Crest!
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