[Ardour-Users] metadata

Guido Budack glaivy at yandex.com
Sat Mar 22 22:46:25 PDT 2014

Hoi folks,

I don't like to post in newsletter because of several reason but sometimes it
isn't evitable. 
I am setting up a internet-radio-show (exclusively live, including 2 video-streams)
and I want to read out the audio-metadata of momentarily played tracks in realtime
to compare it against a SQL-database.
The aim is to fill up and/or update a table with 'most played' audio-tracks.

I'm using the following free tools/ software:

Mixx (and others)-> Jack <-> Ardour -> icecast

I'm desperately searching for any possibility to read out the metadata and to bind
it into some php srcipt to accomplish the database- update.

Any web-queries like 'jQuery Plugin metadata', 'metadata on the fly read out',
'php metadata' and more or similar containing the above mentioned software-names
don't bring any satisfying result.

Any suggestions are very welcome!



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