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On 2014-06-28 14:51, Paul Davis wrote: 

> On Sat, Jun 28, 2014 at 8:27 AM, <victor at svictor.net> wrote:
>> Hi everybody, 
>> I'm in the process of moving my audio setup to a new computer. I reinstalled pretty much everything but not quite all the lv2 and ladspa plugins. I'd actually like to reinstall just the minimum required by my former Ardour sessions. 
>> So i opened one of these sessions, it complained that some plugins were not found (messages like "[ERROR]: Found a reference to a plugin ("http://gareus.org/oss/lv2/meters#spectr30stereo_gtk [1]") that is unknown. Perhaps it was removed or moved since it was last used"). I closed Ardour *without saving*. However, upon reopening the session, the missing plugins were gone. Fortunately I had another copy of the session file. Comparing the two versions confirmed that Ardour had simply deleted the references to the missing plugins. 
>> I didn't expect Ardour to silenty overwrite my session file without asking. I expected it to warn about the missing plugins, and maybe open the session without them or maybe not. I would then reinstall the corresponding plugins, reopen the session and everything would be fine. 
>> So question is : is it normal that Ardour modifies the session file without user's confimation ? Can I disable this behavior somewhere ?
> There are numerous conditions under which Ardour will modify the session file without confirmation. It would be extremely annoying to continually be asked if the session should be saved after (e.g.) recording.
> However, the specific issue that you ran into is not supposed to happen - we try to retain references to missing plugins precisely to deal with the kind of situation you ran into. What version of Ardour are you using?

[Sending this again as previous attempt got trapped in moderation due to
attached files. I replaced them with a link"] 

Hi Paul, 

I have Ardour 3.5.380 (built from revision 3.5-380-g2f6065b) 

I can perfectly reproduce the "wrong" behavior with at least two
sessions. Please see this link [2] for the original and modified session
files (sessions named Olmaz and Kokkina 3). Ardour seems to have
stripped away the references to the missing plugins on open/close. 

However another session (Poust_begout) worked as expected : Ardour
complained about the missing plugins but didn't touch the session file.
Diff with my backup showed nothing and I had the exact same warnings on
reopen. I don't know what makes this session different from the two
others. You'll find it at the aforementioned link too. 



[1] http://gareus.org/oss/lv2/meters#spectr30stereo_gtk
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