[Ardour-Users] No sound from my speakers

rocco rocco556 at netscape.net
Sat Jul 12 00:23:07 PDT 2014

> +1, it could be a very good thing to USE a "specialised music distro",
> if you don't accept/want to pass many time to tweek things to work; to
> make music with Linux.. you might find AV Linux in this path, or any
> else CCRMA, Tango, really practice !
> Have fun !!!

I've been running Fedora with CCRMA installed "on top" of Fedora for 
probably 10 years and it's not only a great music distrob, but it's a 
very good all around Desktop computing system that even has a repository 
(RPMFusion) for programs and codacs you would need to view/hear most 
everything you would find online.

The way to run Fedora/CCRMA is to first install Fedora, then go to the 
CCRMA page and it will tell you how to incorporate CCRMA into your 
Fedora installation so you can have a well run music and sound (CCRMA) 
environment along with a complete (Fedora) desktop computer system.

You first install Fedora. I would avoid Fedora 20 (the latest) because 
it's CCRMA counterpart is still not ready.

But here's the tricky part. Every time I upgrade Fedora to a new 
version, I have to hunt around *forever* on their pages to figure 
*where* the older versions are and *how* to get to them.

I'm going to help you with this. I would suggest going to...

At bottom of page, click:
"Full Download List"

On that page you have 3 main choices. I'm suggesting you choose 
something from the "Install Media" section. The reason is that the last 
time I installed from the "Live Media", it was missing a fully installed 
"build system". In other words, if you want to build a program, then 
something from "Install Media" may be the choice for you.

I haven't upgraded yet, but when I do, my choice will be (from past 
Live Media
Direct Download
i386 - Install DVD

Whatever you choose, close out the download window, because it will be 
for Fedora 20.

Go to the URL field in your browser and do the similar action as I show 
you here (but with whatever download link you choose)...

My URL field looks like this...

So I deleted "20" and everything after it and changed "20" to "19" and 
went to that page...

I clicked "Fedora"

I clicked "i386"

I clicked "iso"

I clicked "Fedora-19-i386-DVD.iso"
(I'm not sure if "net install" has a working build system and/or 
developer files already installed)

When you have a working Fedora Desktop running, go to CCRMA and follow 
the instructions for whichever version of Fedora you chose...

Google "RPMFusion" and install necessary programs and codacs so you can 
view every kind of file out there.

Hope this helps

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