[Ardour-Users] No sound from my speakers

Fred f.rech at yahoo.fr
Thu Jul 10 09:48:00 PDT 2014

Le 10/07/2014 17:58, German a écrit :
> Hello list. First of all I have to say that I am complete newbie to Ardour. I just installed it
> two hours ago. What I was trying to accomplish was to record some audio from my usb digital piano.
> Track seemed to record ok, but when I hip "play" no sound out of my speakers. And it seems that all of my audio
> on this system ( Linux 64 bit) are screewed. My music player won't work. Thanks for any clues
you've got to press the "disk" button on the track you have recorded to 
be able to hear it, and track must be connected to the master bus.
Probably your MP doesn't have been set to play through Jackd ?
Ardour site is full of howtos, youtube too...


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