[Ardour-Users] little bug with playhead - last version

Brett Clark brett.clark at zirous.com
Tue Jan 28 10:49:44 PST 2014

I may have seen this same issue.  I had a demo session i created in a
previous version of Ardour3 ( x.74?) and saved.  After upgrading to the
latest version, i opened the session and my guitar region was gone.  Being
a demo track it wasnt a big deal for me.  I just figured my guitar playing
wasnt up to snuff for Ardour.  (just kidding...   Sort of...)

I do recall an error of some sort when opening it, but i dont recall what
it said.  I should be able to recreate it because i can recover the
*.ardour file and reopen it to get the message.

If other people are seeing regions disappear too then i would be glad to
help gather info for it.


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On Tue, Jan 28, 2014 at 12:35 PM, Alfonso M Sanchez-Lafuente <
alfonso at slafuente.es> wrote:

> Hi!
> Yes! I have had the same problem with regions, but not neccesarily after a
> crash. In fact, most times I have suffered it the session had been saved
> and ardour exited smoothly! And no, I dont use that plugin, but the problem
> eventually appears again and again.
> amsl
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> Asunto: [Ardour-Users] little bug with playhead - last version
> Hi all!
> As I use to be, I've tested last version and found a bug! ^^
> But it's really a little one.
> The play head don't move and still continue to play if record button is
> "on".
> 1-Record something or open session
> 2-move the play head and let it play
> 3- push "record button" and try to move the play head: don't work.
> Another more important question about an old issue:
>  Is there anyone else (than me) that have lost region when open session
> after (unexplained) crash?
>  I don't have recorded since some mouth ago, and don't have reproduce it
> for now.
> Is the guilty identified? problem resolved? (I suspected IRv2 LV2 reverb
> plugin to make something)
> Ardour is the best opensource software!! ^^
> Good evening.
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