[Ardour-Users] Multiple USB Input recording ___IS___ needed. No it is not "DUMMB" to want this feature

Hibiki Kanzaki hibikikanzaki at gmail.com
Mon Jan 13 19:49:10 PST 2014

> [...] USB devices are not really suitable for producing professional
audio unless you make do with just one. e.g.  use that USB large diaphragm
mike to record your podcast, but don't expect to be able to record your USB
guitar at the same time. that's a fact of life

I do it regularly on Linux with JACK and it works well.

> support for USB devices is not within ardour's scope. ardour is not
concerned with audio interfaces at all, it merely provides access to some
device-specific configuration. obviously, this has been giving some people
the wrong impression.

I was concerned this thread might give the impression using multiple USB
sources with Ardour will not work, should not work, and is a bad idea, when
it is not the case.
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