[Ardour-Users] little bug with playhead - last version

Damien Delpiroux xzurukneg at free.fr
Tue Jan 28 10:22:53 PST 2014

Hi all!

As I use to be, I've tested last version and found a bug! ^^
But it's really a little one.
The play head don't move and still continue to play if record button is

1-Record something or open session
2-move the play head and let it play
3- push "record button" and try to move the play head: don't work.

Another more important question about an old issue:
 Is there anyone else (than me) that have lost region when open session
after (unexplained) crash?

I don't have recorded since some mouth ago, and don't have reproduce it
for now.
Is the guilty identified? problem resolved? (I suspected IRv2 LV2 reverb
plugin to make something)

Ardour is the best opensource software!! ^^

Good evening.


Mes annonces S.E.L. de Crest!
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