[Ardour-Users] Just saying "Thanks!"

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Tue Jan 14 04:15:41 PST 2014


This past Sunday I worked on a small project for one of my ex-students. 
It was a simple project, he wanted to take parts from four pop songs, 
combine them on a timeline, and pitch-match where necessary. He had 
tried to do it all in Audacity but got frustrated so he asked if I could 
do it. The entire work took less than an hour to complete, thanks to 
Ardour. My student was very impressed by the speed and accuracy Ardour 
allows, and I must say that the results were pretty sweet (if you except 
the ridiculous pitch-shift up a fourth I did to The Beatles on Here 
Comes The Sun). He intends to use the resulting track as a guide for a 
group of 25 performers he'll direct for a fraternity show competition at 
Toledo University. His group won the show last year and he got the Best 
Director award.

So I just wanted to say "Thanks !" again to Paul and all current and 
former Ardour devs. My musical life - and that of my students - is so 
much richer because of your amazing creative work.

Best regards,

Dave Phillips

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