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will cunningham willpanther at gmail.com
Fri Jan 10 22:08:49 PST 2014

I guess I messed up replying to the USB mic thread; apologies if this goes
through twice:

I had to deal with prosumer/pro audio Ardour3 needs from several different
angles last year and this is the perspective I got:

It's about where Ardour is right now from its original goals, and it's not
'can you do this, but 'can you do this easily and naturally.'  You can
already do professional level recording in Ardour3, but when it finishes
coming into its own, it's really gonna be ready to do some damage for pro
level needs.  This is a special achievement compared to the first time I
tried Ardour in the early 2000s.  For time reasons, and the excitement of
this for many of us in the open source audio community, this is where Paul
and crew should focus their efforts.

I was planning on using prosumer cards for pro level needs of some of my
friends because I thought the cards were on the brink of sounding really
good and assumed that Linux support would become dominant; neither
happened.  I am admitting that I'ts time to buy the entire RME suite for
those needs with Linux.  After some tantrums, I've decided to excite myself
that this level of recording is possible instead of being pissed that pro
prosumer didn't come about.  RME is not overpriced for its quality level.

I recently helped an uber geek who does a lot of presentations at
conferences put together a plan for him

* with a Sampson CO1U USB mic that works fine for his purposes, and we
found a linux app that is easy for him to use.  However, if you used this
for a singer used to mics plugged into real preamp(that start at $500) it
wouldn't fly.  Or these kids who really go at this mixing and matching with
sampling recorded inputs etc use so many effects that they need a really
good sound to start with or the sound would be mush by the final mix. *

*When I had to figure out how the next generation were recording, I found
out I had friends doing professional recordings who were using a Linux
computer in their homes for networking n such that didn't know Linux had
ANY serious contender apps for pro recording. *

*Rounding out Ardour3 for that crowd is such an achievement that expanding
features for the prosumer world IMHO is wonderful, but is a focus for after
the peak of  Ardour's first mountain is reached.  That level of audiophile
has enough of if not the geek gene, the puttering gene that they'll start
using Ardour, maybe not for all their needs, but as an app they take
seriously, and many of them who are pissed off at Microsoft, and think
Apple is overpriced will use it because they like Linux if they see it as
just comparable to what they're now using.*Will
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