[Ardour-Users] QJackctl, Audacity and Ardour

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Mon Feb 10 07:04:44 PST 2014

On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 9:54 AM, Guido Budack <glaivy at yandex.com> wrote:

> Hi folks, me again...
> After a couple of days testing I am not just through the manual(s) but
> also (so my conviction) through all possibilities. I can't get Ardour
> working to function as a mixer.
> Once again the problem:
> I want to connect different signal sources (Audacity, Audicious and
> actually just to get a feel for the program or testing purposes) loop
> through added audio-tracks in the mixer-section to the master in and then
> through the master to the output.
> Usually a quite simple task if I take a look on JackEQ what is running
> like a charm by the way...
> The only loop I can construct is connecting Audacity or Audicious with one
> audio-track and then looping it to the speakers. I DON'T GET ANY SIGNAL
> The best is that the audio in the mixer strip is visual and variable but
> as soon as I vary the volume the visual part of the strip doesn't change
> it's appearance but continues to 'dance in the rythm' of the input-signal.

you do not understand monitoring. another user attempted to explain this to
you. monitoring is complicated and people wish it wasn't, but it is. it is
complicated because for some users, it is important that ardour does NOT do
monitoring, and for others (such as yourself) it is very important that it

if you are using Ardour as a mixer, not as a DAW, then you will find it
easier to use busses, not tracks. if you are using tracks, then you must
make sure that you are using the correct monitoring settings. by default,
Ardour does NOT do monitoring, but you were asked about this the first time
you used the program. In addition, there are several other settings/options
that affect precisely how monitoring works.

i know that you probably do not want it to be this complicated. you want
the program to do precisely what you want. the problem is that there are
other users who want something totally different.

Either it's a buggy version (unlikely), the author is intentionally hiding
> some important codefragments in the free version (almost unlikely and I'm
> definitely not the one who is going to debug it..) or I overlook an
> important part of the GUI.

the ONLY thing different in the zero-cost prebuilt version is that it does
not save or restore plugin settings.

> I appreciate any help because I tend to use this program (as far as I get
> it accomodated to my needs) in the future for my projects and probably
> liked to invite David for a beer,,,

who is david?
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