[Ardour-Users] Ardour Nighly Builds

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Mon Dec 1 15:01:36 PST 2014

We're happy to announce


a site dedicated to automatic nightly (really nychthemeral) builds of
ardour's latest git developer version.

They're targeted at users who don't build Ardour from source to check up
on bug-fixes as well as help with testing/debugging in general.

Given the scarcity of Ardour releases, it also offers end-users a
glimpse of what is to come, assists internal development and should
satisfy needs of bleeding-edge software junkies.

While the general state of Ardour is steadily improving. The nighlies
are just snapshots roughly every 24h. There are no guarantees at all
(that it will even build) and there is no support whatsoever. That being
said, compared to 3.5.403, current git is better in almost every aspect.
Feel free to give it a go.

nighly.ardour.org follows the same basic rules as binaries from
ardour.org/download: (1) Different versions can be installed in parallel
and (2) the free (gratis) variant does not save/load plugin settings.
Fully features versions are available to subscribers[1]. More detailed
information can be found on the site itself.

Comments and suggestions are welcomed.

Have fun,
robin - for the ardour-dev team.

[1] https://community.ardour.org/s/subscribe

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