[Ardour-Users] Added offset when recording

Fred f.rech at yahoo.fr
Sun Aug 24 00:26:26 PDT 2014

Le 23/08/2014 21:54, jonetsu at teksavvy.com a écrit :
> I works, but the funniest thing is that it works only for the first
> track.  Once the first track is back at its original position, the
> option is greyed-out for the other tracks.  Right clicking on a track
> then selectiong the track name and then position, will show the first
> option greyed out for the other tracks.  Whereas it was available (and
> worked) for the first track.  Only one track can be brought back to the
> original position.  Selecting all tracks with the same option will only
> bring back the first track to the original position.  See attached.
> Al
really strange ! the option "move to original position" is supposed to 
be greyed only when the region is at its original position (and it could 
be a good way to ensure of this, when you're not sure if you move it or 
not. e.g. when you change the lenght of a region, sometimes you can move 
it by error. right clic, if option is greyed you don't))).

select all tracks and use the option "move to original position" is not 
possible, as far as you have to right clic a region to have the option 
available. right clic a region unselect all but the region (and its 
track if you choose in preferences something like, by memory, "link 
region & track selection")

if you're sure regions are not in original position and option is 
greyed,, maybe you should go to Mantis to open a bug-ticket.


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