[Ardour-Users] Start w/o mixer panel

Fred f.rech at yahoo.fr
Mon Aug 4 15:19:16 PDT 2014

one aspect of freedom of choice.
>     Now, that characters, as Robin mentioned, are not handled properly by
>     software is another matter and should be fixed.  Either allow
>     so-called
>     'extended' characters and handle them, or do not allow them at all.
>     Nowadays this is I think mostly taken care of in libraries used.
> I am 99% certain that the problems with "special" characters is 
> limited to the OS X version of Ardour 3.
Hey people, we may, or we can, not sure of the implication of everyone 
here, exclude -if it's the right word- et en français
c'est sur exclure est le bon mot, all the accents or whatever letters 
that are not included in the lines between A and N,
if you got a french Kboard.

sorry for bad english, I just try to keep my country language ALIVE, and 
united with others' people one.

something like that, do you know ?

peace --fred

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