[Ardour-Users] CRASH with SAVE Ardour-3.1.10-dbg

Delpishtroumph xzurukneg at free.fr
Thu May 23 23:35:58 PDT 2013

Le 16/05/2013 17:48, Paul Davis a écrit :
> you should not expect ardour to "work" when using it under gdb. the
> idea is to get backtraces from gdb when crashes happen. if a crash
> doesn't happen, then running under gdb doesn't help anyone ....
Ok, I understand.
I had a warning message when leaving this session, that's why I've
joined the gdb log.
I'll try to make it under gdb when I get time for this.

About "crash after trying to save": I'm now that's a buffer size
problem: with 512 buffer, that seam to be OK.
So the problem is when I'm recording with few latency, I use 64 because
I ear latency when I use 128.
The crash appears less often when recording, the real problem is the the
loss of data (or not recovering, like ardour2 always did).
Maybe the "client time out" value of jack can help for this?


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