[Ardour-Users] cannot import MIDI files (Ardour 3)

Federico Bruni fedelogy at gmail.com
Sat Mar 16 13:16:03 PDT 2013

Il 15/03/2013 15:14, Federico Bruni ha scritto:
> 2013/3/15 Jostein Chr. Andersen <jostein at vait.se <mailto:jostein at vait.se>>
>     Nothing special as far as I know. I had the same problem (Ardour was
>     ment to trigger Linuxsampler), but it  turned out that I used ALSA
>     MIDI in stead of Jack MIDI, so now: everything is fine here. So with
>     some luck, you might have a simple Jack Audio and/or MIDI connection
>     issue?
> Yes, I'm using JACK, I suspected that was the reason.
> I'll check it tomorrow.

I've just realized that, when I use the firewire soundcard (and the 
firewire driver), the MIDI driver option in Qjack is set to none and 
cannot be modified. On the other hand, if I use the laptop soundcard and 
ALSA, I can set the MIDI driver to seq or raw but sound doesn't work at 
all in Ardour (not only midi, but any kind of file).

Any hint much appreciated.


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