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El 10/03/13 21:51, Paul Davis escribió:
> The Ardour team is happy to announce the release of Ardour 3.0 for
> Linux systems (OS X releases will follow in a few weeks)
> This is the first release of Ardour that features support for MIDI 
> recording, playback and editing. It also features a huge number of 
> changes to audio workflow, which for many users may be more 
> significant than the MIDI support. For an overview of the changes, 
> please read the What's New page at http://ardour.org/whatsnew.html
> Please Plan On Updating -------------------------------
> You should visit expect subsequent releases of 3.0 to follow at a 
> rapid rate. We plan to release a new version every 2-4 weeks.
> Since 3.0 has many areas that need to be improved in addition to
> actual bugs, please plan on upgrading and keeping track of the
> program as it develops. There is every chance that the problem you
> encounter today will be solved in a short time.
> No Need To Remove Other Versions 
> --------------------------------------------- This release can be
> installed on your system at the same time as any previous or future
> version of Ardour. They will not interfere with each other in
> anyway, except for possibly sharing your Ardour preferences.
> Working with 2.X Sessions -------------------------------- Although
> Ardour 3.0 will open most sessions created with Ardour 2.X, we
> recommend NOT working on such sessions with Ardour 3.0. Ardour 2.X 
> will continue to be available and may even see occasional
> maintainance updates from time to time. If you have old sessions,
> continue to work on them with Ardour 2.
> If you insist on opening existing Ardour 2.X sessions with 3.0, be
> aware that...
> - a backup copy of the 2.X version of the session file will be
> created - panning information will be lost - crossfades may not
> precisely match their 2.X counterparts - once you save a session in
> Ardour 3.0, Ardour 2.X will not be able to open the main session
> file again. It will, however, be able to use the backup that 3.0
> created
> Download ------------ As usual, you can get Ardour 3.0 from our
> Download page at
> http://ardour.org/download
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