[Ardour-Users] Calf Multi-Band Comp not playing nicely with Ardour 3.x?

Aaron Herzon herzona at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 30 11:56:02 PDT 2013

Thanks, Benjamin.  I will seek out a newer (or older) version of the Calf Multi-band compressor and see if that fixes this.  Looks like it's going to be several days before I can get to this but I will report back once I try this.  It would be a shame if I have to go backwards because I really like the latest interface.  My ears are not trained enough judge the quality of the compression but the UI is certainly very well done.

Does anyone know if Calf and/or AVLinux devs are on this list?  


 From: Benjamin Scherrer <realhangman at web.de>
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Subject: Re: [Ardour-Users] Calf Multi-Band Comp not playing nicely with Ardour 3.x?

Hey Aaron,

I always had issues with the Calf plugins when they were in
    development, i.e. with some alpha or beta builts from svn (or
    whatever they use). This was a while ago. So I would make sure that
    you have the newest release of the Calf plugins, not some older
    versions. They were quite a while in development, so people used
    them when they weren't completely ready to be used.
Apart from that, I guess it's nearly always the plugin's fault if
    something goes wrong, most plugins work quite well with any Ardour


Am 30.07.2013 17:49, schrieb Aaron Herzon:

Also posted this on the forums but I know there is a preference for the 
email list or IRC and I’m not much of an IRC guy so here goes . . . . Not sure where to go with this since I don't know who owns this issue. I 
had been running A3.2 on AVLinux 6.0. It seemed like Calf MultiBand 
compressor was using way to much CPU when the gui was up - no issues w/o the gui. I figured it was because of my Compiz settings and perhaps one too many tweaks . . .  In any case, I re-built my system with AVLinux 6.01B. I put A3.3 on and 
left the AVLinux builds as well (a really late 3.1 build, I think). Now 
it seems, if I leave the gui for Calf compressor up for more than a few 
minutes, something bad starts happening and I can watch CPU usage 
gradually go up until audio starts dropping and the whole thing locks up in some kind of weird state. No problems as long as I don't bring up 
the gui for more than a few minutes.  I've replicated this several times, both with the AVLinux build and the 
fresh 3.3 build. Also, the version of the Calf multi-band compressor is 
about the 3rd or 4th version I've seen recently, it seems. This version 
adds the visualization of the filters.  When the system gets into this state, I can watch a system monitor as see 
very high CPU usage from Ardour even though nothing is happening 
(playhead stopped, no sound, etc).  Any ideas? If I had to guess, I'd say the version of Calf Multiband 
compressor packaged in AVLinux 6.01B is problematic but I don't know. 
Other factors changed at the same time (A3.3, AVLinux 6.01B). Unfortunately, I’m only marginally capable but if there is anything I can provide that will help you help me, let me know and I will do what I can.   I originally sent this to the 'bounce' address so this may be posted twice.  If so, sorry about that. Thanks. Aaron 
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