[Ardour-Users] Calf Multi-Band Comp not playing nicely with Ardour 3.x?

Aaron Herzon herzona at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 30 08:49:59 PDT 2013

Also posted this on the forums but I know there is a preference for the 
email list or IRC and I’m not much of an IRC guy so here goes . . . .

Not sure where to go with this since I don't know who owns this issue. I 
had been running A3.2 on AVLinux 6.0. It seemed like Calf MultiBand 
compressor was using way to much CPU when the gui was up - no issues w/o the gui. I figured it was because of my Compiz settings and perhaps one too many tweaks . . . 

In any case, I re-built my system with AVLinux 6.01B. I put A3.3 on and 
left the AVLinux builds as well (a really late 3.1 build, I think). Now 
it seems, if I leave the gui for Calf compressor up for more than a few 
minutes, something bad starts happening and I can watch CPU usage 
gradually go up until audio starts dropping and the whole thing locks up in some kind of weird state. No problems as long as I don't bring up 
the gui for more than a few minutes. 

I've replicated this several times, both with the AVLinux build and the 
fresh 3.3 build. Also, the version of the Calf multi-band compressor is 
about the 3rd or 4th version I've seen recently, it seems. This version 
adds the visualization of the filters. 

When the system gets into this state, I can watch a system monitor as see 
very high CPU usage from Ardour even though nothing is happening 
(playhead stopped, no sound, etc). 

Any ideas? If I had to guess, I'd say the version of Calf Multiband 
compressor packaged in AVLinux 6.01B is problematic but I don't know. 
Other factors changed at the same time (A3.3, AVLinux 6.01B).

Unfortunately, I’m only marginally capable but if there is anything I can provide that will help you help me, let me know and I will do what I can.  

I originally sent this to the 'bounce' address so this may be posted twice.  If so, sorry about that.


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