[Ardour-Users] follow up bcf2000

Eyvind Bogstrand eyvind.bogstrand at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 13:53:15 PST 2013


To follow up on a topic, I'm trying to set up my studio system with my 
bcf2000, and have a few questions regarding this.

I'm running a3 (14056) on ubuntu studio 12.04.

using a2jmidid and midi driver set to "none"

I've gotten closest to success when using the bcf in generic midi mode, 
and calling the bcf2000 preset 2 midi map (with the bcf in "bc-mode" and 
preset nr2), however the functionality is limited without pan, master 
volume etc. My question is about the midi binding maps; if I modify any 
of the existing maps, or god forbid write one on my own, where do i 
place them to be able to use them? Tried putting them with the others in 
the midi_maps folder, but without result.

Please let me know if more details about the setup is needed.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated



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