[Ardour-Users] MIDI Tracer input not matching aseqdump

will cunningham willpanther at gmail.com
Tue Apr 30 16:13:08 PDT 2013


I am trying to write a mapping file for Ardour 3, and I'm having some
problems.  I'm breaking my problem down into smaller issues as I have
good examples from other mappings.

For MIDI mapping in another app I used aseqdump -p which I think gives
the same output as kmidimon, or at least worked for what I was doing
before.  In the Ardour 3 docs, it says that you can also use their
MIDI Tracer with the Port connected to MIDI control in.  This is
working, but I get different output than I got from aseqdump.

Below are nine faders I move on my controller and the different output:

For aseqdump all are said to be channel 0 with data controller-
7,84,5,72,73,93,91,71,74 for each of the nine.

In the Midi Tracer, I get channel 0 with data controller-

My question is which set of numbers to use for the controller numbers
in the mapping, or am I doing/configuring/looking wrong here?



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