[Ardour-Users] ardour - linux to mac - fail and crash

Wendy Van Wynsberghe wendy at constantvzw.com
Fri Sep 7 00:30:47 PDT 2012


Holiday, lots of work etc made that I did not follow up this thread properly

On 17 August 2012 15:25, Robin Gareus <robin at gareus.org> wrote:
> On 08/17/2012 01:23 PM, Wendy Van Wynsberghe wrote:
>> hello hello,
>> One day later - and strange but good news
>> In Linux I removed all plugins of my Ardour sessions, I saved and then
>> I took a snapshot of my session.
> Did you make many snapshots? One after removing each plugin? Were you
> able to track it down to which plugin(s) causes the issue?
>> The plugin I used most was Ladspa multiband equalizer - not something exotic.
>> On one session I used a Calf compressor, but that's about it..
> Do you have any of those plugins available on OSX? And if yes: did you
> compile or install them yourself (not using the ones shipped with Ardour)?

The only plugins I used were shipped with Ardour, on both sides (Ladspa)

> From the crash-log you posted - crash in libfftw3f.3.dylib -
> The most likely explanation is that there is more than one "libfftw3f"
> installed on your system, Ardour2 ships one in its application bundle.
> It seems that some plugin(s) expect(s) a different version.

This part is a bit hard for me to follow up now - I'll be back in the
sound studio with Mac in October! Meanwhile back to Linux :-)

> There should be a warning printed on the "Console".  sth like
> "ld: warning: duplicate dylib .. "
>> - When I open my saved session it crashes
>> - When I open the snapshots all is fine
>> O, and Seablade, the OsX Ardour works like a charm otherwise - I
>> tweaked it myself for the studio, updating the drivers for the
>> hammerfall card etc..
>> So creating a new session is easy
>> For ergonomics sake: do I delete the session and it's history?
>> Keep only the snapshot?
> Snapshots are just a copy of the .ardour XML file. Usually a few 100 KB.
> Audio-files are not duplicated (ardour is non-destructive).
> It may affect the cleanup-feature:
>    Session -> Cleanup -> cleanup unused sources
> If a source is still used in one of the snapshots, it shouldn't get
> cleaned up, but I'm uncertain if that is actually the case. Ardour3
> currently does not check the snapshots, that may be a bug though.
>> Thanks for following, hope this helps - here's the error report anyway
>> http://pastebin.com/GMFbEVfT
>> Greetz
>> w
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Thanks a lot



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