[Ardour-Users] sound engineers working with Ardour in Brussels, Belgium

Wendy Van Wynsberghe wendy at constantvzw.com
Fri Oct 5 10:17:46 PDT 2012


I'm working on a small low budget experimental audio documentary.
(here: www.acsr.be)

I only want to work with Ardour - because of politics and philosophy -
and because it's good!

--> Here's the snag, at Acsr, there are only sound engineers who work
with Samplitude or Protools (I am the one who installed Ardour on
their computers!)

So, for the postproduction (levels, sound quality, mastering) I am
looking for a sound engineer who wants to work on my documentary for a
day, maybe two.

As I say, it is low budget - but not free - nor insultingly low.
(that's my opinion as a freelance artist)

---> Are there Ardour sound engineers from Begium - small country - on
this list?
The Netherlands could be an option too (as long as transport costs are
within reason)



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