[Ardour-Users] Starting a new session based on a template from command line

Wayne wayne at in-giro.org
Fri Mar 16 05:31:37 PDT 2012

Il giorno ven, 16/03/2012 alle 10.20 +0000, Noel Darlow ha scritto: 

> > I would like to start a session based on a template from command
> > line.
> I'd second this. The whole area of session management in linux audio
> needs streamlining, and command line scripts are very useful.
> For example, various programs need to be launched with time delays to
> allow them to get started before ardour. 
> Soft synths or stand alone FX plug-ins might need to be passed some
> args to load files or voices. Linux sampler is good in this regard, some
> apps are not. It's a pain if you have to do a lot of configuration by
> hand every time you start a session - assuming you remember all the
> settings anyway.
> Finally, I find I need to use a little jack connection app,
> aj-snapshot, to restore connections. Jack sessions don't cover all the
> use cases, and it's just one more thing to have to set up by hand. An
> audio project should load in one click.

    i can recommend LADISH, which i use to launch apps directly,  and
some simple shell scripts w/ sleep commands to launch apps that need to
up before others:


i have the same requirements and have been happy with it.

> I thought I'd explain a little of the context in which I'd use a
> feature like this. For anyone using bash to manage audio sessions, it
> might allow some simple "one-click" scripts to be created to start new
> projects simply and quickly.


> Noel
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