[Ardour-Users] Ardour 2.8.13 released

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Mon Jul 2 08:48:36 PDT 2012

Although most development work on Ardour is focused on Ardour 3.0 these
there are still ongoing maintainance changes (many driven by the continuing
development of Harrison's Mixbus). Enough of these changes, fixes,
improvements have
accumulated that it seems appropriate to get a new Ardour 2.X release out,
so without further ado, Ardour 2.8.13 is now ready for download from
the usual place:


Build Changes

* Fixed build for VST support
* Switch to new LV2 stack

Bug Fixes

* Fix various crashes during session open
* Installer works correctly when run as root
* Fix nasty off by one error that put the end of an end-trimmed region
  one sample beyond where it should be. this would lead to the
  creation of 1 sample xfades where there should be none, if another
  region was aligned to the same point that the region had been
  nomimally trimmed to
* Fix modifier definitions to work with newer GTK versions
* Fix direction of zoom wheel in timebar rulers
* Fix crash when deleting some LV2 plugins that have had a GUI on-screen
* Fix click latency correction
* Fix translation of sample rate expressed as kHz
* Fix/workaround bug in GTK that prevents <release> bindings from working
* Fix non-functioning use of arrow keys in keybindings
* Fix bug capable of causing significant "wierdness" when evaluating a
  curve in a position before the first point of the curve (this bug
  has existed in Ardour since revision 17, which is nearly 13,000
  revisions in the past!)
* Fixing issues with opening a browser when using the bundle. Use
  xdg-open instead of glib functions
* Spelling fixes from Debian
* Fix typo in region fade key bindings


* Switch to FFADO as the default firewire backend for JACK.
* Add 176.4kHz rate to audio engine dialog.
* Save/goto view bindings are now Shift-Fn to save, Fn to goto (Fn is
  F1, F2, etc).
* Increase the click pool size.
* Change reset of the click/metronome to improve behaviour when
  locating and looping.
* Display modifier names in keybinding editor using real key logos
  (e.g. the "cauliflower" symbol for Command on OS X).
* Make sure loop markers are shown when loop is initiated.
* Fix odd behaviour of code used to determine if the mouse pointer is
  inside the track canvas.
* Speed up session close by not redrawing stuff as each track/bus is
* Allow Separate to work on a range selection.
* Crop no longer works on all tracks if no tracks are selected.
* Improve sensitivity of some menu items based on the currently
  selected edit point.
* Remove (sub)menu items from keybinding window.
* Improve ruler text space above baseline.
* Clarify what the "precise" button does in the timefx dialog by using
  a better label.
* Apply automation when bouncing with automation in Touch mode, not
  just Play mode.
* Don't distort crossfades when changing their length substantially.
* Disallow colons in snapshot names.
* Add COMPOSER to TOC/CUE files.
* Improved interaction with Freesound.org (backported from Mixbus and

OS X Specific

* If a user has a personal key bindings file automatically switch old
  OS X keybindings to new modifier names.
* Fix potential crashing bug in AudioUnit plugin code for describing
* Fix handling of AudioUnit GUI resizing (as happens on new versions
  of OS X with the default Apple plugins, and with plugins from various
* Save and restore AudioUnit GUI positions whenever they are
* Fix misplacement of Carbon plugin GUI windows because of differences
  between Carbon/Cocoa/GTK coordinate spaces. (Note: this only affected
  multi-monitor setups where the user had positioned the menu bar on a
  non-left-most screen).


Carl Hetherington, David Robillard, Ben Loftis, Todd Naugle, Colin
Fletcher, Paul Davis
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