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Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at stackingdwarves.net
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hi marcel!

On 12/30/2012 02:52 AM, Marcel Bonnet wrote:

> Ralf, I don't feel confident enough to tell you if FreeBSD is already
> a pro standard or not as I'm not a developer, but for now just a user
> who loves that system! I read a lot of articles (this is one I
> remember http://wiki.freebsd.org/Sound ) about the effort of the
> multimedia developers.
> For me it's a question of taste: I like the system, it's very well
> documented, I like the third part software manager (the ports
> collection) and the whole job of the FreeBSD Foundations looks
> professional
> For the other side, since FreeBSD 8 (maybe two years ago) we now have
> a brand new USB stack by Hans Peter Selasky: it solved a lot of
> problems and make the use of high speed devices possible. The same guy
> made a driver for usb audio (2.0 compliant) devices and a usb midi
> which works over Jack.
> So as a user's point of view, our USB audio and MIDI is quite good.
> I've made some tests and I'm satisfied with the results and I'm very
> confident to migrate from a windows daw to freebsd (thanks to Ardour
> and Jackit too!). Just a hint: I have a home studio, so the risks are
> not that big!

very interesting to hear what's going on in the freebsd camp. i don't 
use it myself currently, but i did co-admin a freebsd server machine a 
few years ago, and it sure is a nice system. is the freebsd multimedia 
team aware of the linux audio conference? despite the name, it's really
a free software multimedia conference, and it would be great to have bsd 
people on board, either as guests or contributors: 



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