[Ardour-Users] bus strain on computer resources

will cunningham willpanther at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 13:04:39 PST 2012

Absolutely Jorn,

To close off this thread, and in case anyone reads this thread while
figuring out bus usage, you can configure Ardour to have a monitor bus
and can select at which point you hear the sound including pre-fader,
and I was counting that as a bus.
Also, the situation I describe about adjusting the incoming level from
a preamp, at least for me, would happen at the soundcard level before
entering Ardour even if Ardour is configured for monitoring.  There
are many configuration options for monitoring and sends that are
oulined in the growing Ardour 3 docs that you should look at before
rolling your own busses that I should have read/toyed with more
closely before rolling my own busses.

Another thing brought up on this thread was how my pro soundman using
the workflow dealt with latency, and what he did was throw a ton of
hardware at it and bought the entire RME Hammerfall suite.  His
arguement was that spending that much on his souncard set-up(it got
REALLY expensive) why would he care about an extra $2500 for software?
 We veered from there, so I only heard his description of the workflow
in action.

Finally, even beyond mixing the live vs recorded functionality, no one
sound mixer would use all the things I'm having to figure out, as I am
doing all this because I'm way late on another open software
commitment that I need my pro musicians on and I have a laundry list
of 'can it do this?' features to get them to use Linux at all.

When I kept coming up with 'I guess I use another bus for this' again
and again, I was just making sure, as I have no experience with
proprietary DAWS, that I wasn't missing something in 'how do I?' and
that if I ended up showing someone how to deal with something with a
bunch of busses that it wouldn't crash.

This is a home run for me as I was writing a python/pyqt frontend to
Ecasound to handle this for them before realizing how to acheive the
same with Ardour,

so that's that, thanks again, and I hope I didn't cause harm
accidentally triggering the mixing technique debate,


On 12/14/12, Jörn Nettingsmeier <nettings at stackingdwarves.net> wrote:
> On 12/13/2012 09:54 PM, will cunningham wrote:
>> Friends,
> what you describe is pretty much a standard analog signal flow. i guess
> part of the confusion stems from your original statement of using "three
> buses per track". which would indeed be odd. instead, what you are
> describing now are global buses (fed by several tracks) with a number of
> _sends_ per track, i.e. the usual group/submix and aux bus topology.
> hardly any reason for debate.
> you are aware that ardour has an optional monitoring bus that can do any
> of AFL/PFL/SIP? that sounded like the most complicated part of your
> description, and it can be simplified a lot by using the built-in facility.
> another cause for confusion seems to be that you're talking about both
> recording and live mixing in the same description. usually, workflows
> for these are fundamentally different, and using ardour as a live mixer
> (while certainly interesting, but also very, very risky) is surely not
> the intended application.
> best,
> jörn
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