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Al Thompson althompson58 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 14:02:21 PST 2012

On 12/04/2012 12:56 PM, Adriano Petrosillo wrote:
> Of course, products need personality and identity. That's why Fender
> guitars sell, despite their "shortcomings". People buy Waldorf synths
> BECAUSE of their cold, industrial sound, and Nord Leads because of
> their efficacy. But this cannot be an excuse to limit functionality
> just because, this way, you "preserve identity". Developers (or
> engineers, or whatever) should strive in creating inspiring tools,
> with a strong identity but that can ALSO adapt to the user's needs, as
> if it were a living creature, because the end target is to please the
> user more than the designer, isn't it?

That is ONE way to look at it.  However, if you look at history, EVERY
attempt to "remove the shortcomings" from a family of instruments has
resulted in DISMAL failure - NOT because the instruments failed to
achieve their goal, but because users WANTED those shortcomings in those
instruments.  People don't want their favorite instruments "improved." 
They use those instruments BECAUSE of what you see as 'shortcomings.' 
If people wanted to add something without those specific 'shortcomings,'
they bought (or used) an entirely different instrument.  Why do you
think most guitarists own a Gibson AND a Fender??  Why do sound guys own
more than ONE type of microphone??? 

The entire concept is NOT to perfect one item (instrument, plugin, DAW,
etc) that will work for every possible outcome.  The idea is to use the
proper tool for the job.  For example, if you are trying to compress a
heavy metal guitar, an 1176 is not the best solution.  But, an 1176 is
an EXCELLENT choice for compressing a solo voice.

This is why your "one size fits all" approach is doomed to failure with
serious users.  It would be a good choice for casual users who want
SOMETHING available right away, but is going to just get in the way for
everyone else, and use computer resources unnecessarily, which, in
itself, is going to take the entire program out of the market for more
serious users.

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