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Adriano Petrosillo ampetrosillo at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 10:09:06 PST 2012

> I ran into this arrogance and learned the same lesson close to twenty
> years ago when I started working on software synthesis - "oh, why only
> six operators in FM, why not eight?  Why not make them all be able to
> modulate all the others, then the 'standard' algorithms are just a
> particular configuration with many more available.  Why not give them
> *all* feedback inputs, it's just the same as any other modulation input?"
> I'll tell you why.  It sounds crap, and it's impossible to program.
> No-one in their right mind would use that pile of nonsense.

And THAT'S why you make an 8-operator FM, leave the last two operators
disabled by default, include algorithms PLUS a "free" algorithm at the end
which allows you to route modulations at will.

If you have the brains, the creativity and the willpower to deviate from
the treaded path, with a similar synth, you can.

Otherwise, it's a standard (and just as effective) Yamaha DX7.

PS: most FM soft-synths today feature operators with all kinds of wave
shapes (and most VAs have FM mode which you can use with your regular
sawtooth or modulated pulse, or wavetables or even samples too). Which
really is against the idea of FM and generally results in harsh noise, but
hey, lots of tracks have been made with THESE implementations of the FM
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