[Ardour-Users] SO many problems.

User Name dmcdem at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 05:21:59 PST 2012

Your search does not work on web site, super professional home page and all
other pages look like 1998 html...wtf?

I will not download your program simply for the millions of asked donations
and highly complicated webpage. I dont want to have to LOOK for anything, I
was writing better pages when I was 15. I'd ask for my money back from ur
host, I cant even download and trial within 4 clicks?? wtf, cant save sound
files? whats the use? ill just dl ur prog off torrentz rather than deal
with all ur bs. STEP UP. Dont ad on google if u cant back it. U R MAKING

and btw, ur little ccs prog that shows users that paid $8 ea is revolting.
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