[Ardour-Users] Wrapper scripts for tetraproc. Feedback wanted!

Bart Brouns bart at magnetophon.nl
Mon Aug 27 04:33:06 PDT 2012

Hi All,

I wrote two scripts for tetrafile, an ambisonics A-format to B-format
converter, made by Fons Adriaensen.

It converts a folder with A-format recordings done in Ardour to B-format
If you don't have an ambisonic microphone, you probably don't need this.


Ardour should record 4-channel tracks into for example:
audio1-7%a.wav audio1-7%b.wav audio1-7%c.wav audio1-7%d.wav
Sometimes Ardour records them to other numbers, for example:
audio1-7%a.wav audio1-7%b.wav udio1-7%c.wav audio1-6%d.wav

These script works around that.

There are two versions: one that outputs 4-channel files, and one that
outputs 4 mono files per input file.

These are my first zsh script's and almost my first shell scripts in
general, so feedback is wanted.

Also: if it eats your hamster, don't look at me.


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