[Ardour-Users] a3 mixer strip in/out indication problem

John Rigg au2 at jrigg.co.uk
Sun Aug 19 02:27:21 PDT 2012

When connecting or disconnecting the input or output on a mixer
channel strip in Ardour3 (rev 13135 on Debian testing amd64), the
indicator doesn't show any change until I click on another track in
the editor window, then re-click on the original channel. It then
gets updated. This is when working in the editor window with a mixer
channel strip shown on the left, which is my usual way of working.

As I almost never use automatic connection of inputs and outputs,
working around this slows down the work flow by enough to be a problem.

I've had a look on the bug tracker and couldn't find any mention of
this, but its possible I didn't go back far enough or use the correct
search terms (apologies if that's the case). Before I add to the number
of bug reports, can anyone tell me if this has already been reported?


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