[Ardour-Users] MIDI note-off(s) sent at first bar when looping (seamless mode) - interferes with midi-keyboard playing

jordan triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Sun Apr 8 12:42:33 PDT 2012

Hello all,

i filed through the ardour-users-list archives for a few months back,
as to try to find an answer before posting, but had no luck. So my
question is as follows;

Is there a way to stop Ardour from sending midi NOTE-OFF at the first
bar, when using seemless looping?? (ie: Ardour using it's internal

My issue goes something like this;

Typically, in Logic 9 or garageband (or most daws) I can loop a length
of music to practice (playing midi-keyboard) before actually recording
it. - this could be practicing a bridge or switch, or maybe just
practicing a bassline for a verse... I play my progression, it loops
over, i continue to play my progression ~ without interruption. - That
is sort of the behavior I would tend to expect..... However, in
Ardour3 if i do this ~ every time it loops over, a note-off message
gets sent, muting my playing for the 1st note/chord. After this, i can
continue to play, until it mutes my note/chord when it loops again. It
makes practicing a section (looped) before recording, a little

anyways, i am not sure if it is possible to disable it from sending
the note-off.. Currently, my only workaround seems to be to disconnect
my (external) VSTi plugin from Ardour3, then control it directly from
my keyboard's H/W ports in jack. Then when i am ready to record, I
reconnect ardour's midi, and disconnect from my controller's H/W port.
But this to me, seems like a very unnecessary step (hopefully).

anyway, if anyone has a solution or even an explanation as to why
Ardour3 needs to mute notes that i am playing (while looping), that
would be great.


PS: Ardour3 is coming along really nicely, much improved GUI. Midi is
really shaping up, the connection manager(s) are much nicer to work
with, etc, etc. Awesome stuff, and I tip my hat off, to all of the
developers and people who are making Ardour3 a reality.

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