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Tue Sep 20 07:17:26 PDT 2011

Need not to say I'm willing to give any help I can!

On Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 4:15 PM, Nando <nandinga at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi people!
> I was writing a feature request in Mantis, but after filling it, thought
> that it should come here first for discussion. Copy&paste follows :)
> *0004324: A3 should have MIDI velocity editing facilities*
> Not sure if it is the time now (on alpha10) but I think this is important:
> It is crucial for a MIDI editor to be flexible about velocity values, in
> order to produce more close-to-reality results.
> MIDI velocity values normally vary not individually but in relation to its
> neighbors e.g. build-ups, accents, rolls, etc. This is why a velocity editor
> should offer the possibility to edit values of groups, as opposed to
> note-by-note editing.
> This is what regular "bar graph velocity editors" allow, when e.g. drawing
> an ascending line to create a build-up, or "humanizing" velocities (randomly
> increasing/decreasing the values for selected notes).
> Several changes are needed for implementing one such editor in A3, but
> there might be other alternatives. I can think of one, and that is working
> with dialogs over selected notes.
>  With this approach we could select a bunch of notes, right-click and
> select from the menu:
> - Randomize velocities: Dialog asks the velocity range.
> - Build-up: Dialog asks min and max velocities, and maybe shape of the
> curve.
> Changing channels (current right-click assignment) is also important for
> expressiveness, so we could leave it as is but with a key modifier.
> Also in the menu we could offer other non velocity related options like the
> following:
> - Humanize (randomizing the position in time of the notes)
> - Transpose
> - Quantize
> - even copy&paste?
> I understand that every one of this options is a feature itself, but they
> don't need to be implemented at once. This approach can give us functional
> flexibility while reducing the development effort. If the need or the will
> to develop a graphical velocity editor of any sort arises later, the
> algorithms could be reused, so only the dialogs would be thrown away.
> This is probably a feature to take into account for the release of A3, that
> will be offering MIDI sequencing capabilities as one of its main
> improvements.
> Cheers!!
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