[Ardour-Users] Correction - Can't import audio - only embed. Why?

Susanne Billig susannebillig at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 26 05:53:04 PDT 2011

(Sorry, I used a wrong checkbox term to describe my problem, this is the correction)

Hi there, 

this is a problem which I cannot get rid of - if anyone can help, this would be great.

I work on a Mac (10.6.8). 

I cannot import audio - only embed. 

I have tried out all the different ways to import (right-click regions list, drop-down menu project, right-click in a chosen track). 

Whenever the checkbox "copy files to project" is checked, nothing at all happens.

Whenever the checkbox "copy files to project" is unchecked the program embeds the audio. 

My workaround solution has been to use the normal finder file system. 

I move my original sound files into the "audiofiles" folder of a given Ardour project. And then I embed my audio from there - this helps me to keep my sound files included in the Ardour project folder. 

This is complicated... and I wonder: Why doesn't importing audio work for me?!

Thanks for any help!


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