[Ardour-Users] (Supposed) MIDI workflow with A3

Nando nandinga at gmail.com
Sat Oct 15 06:05:14 PDT 2011

> its not clear to me that the bus is that necessary or useful. you can
> put the FX in the track itself.
Yes well, that was my first try but I have a problem there regarding
monitoring. I just can't hear the output of the synth when I need to.

When recording from the keyboard, I can only hear my playing record-enabling
the audio track, and thus recording both MIDI and audio. I can hear my
playing when the transport is stopped though.

When playing already recorded notes, it is not possible to hear them.

The audio goes to the audio track, as if we where recording, say, a guitar.
So, I guess I understand the problem. When you're recording a guitar, you
don't want to hear the hum or anything from the guitar when playing the
recorded audio, so it makes sense that it mutes the live input when playing.
In my case, when I'm recording MIDI notes, the audio track is playing so it
mutes the input and I can't monitor. When playing back it's the same.

The described behavior is when "Record monitoring handled by" is set to
"ardour" in the prefs. If set to "audio hardware", I just never get any
sound, except when playing audio data previously recorded in the audio
track. With "Tape Machine Mode" on (which I'm not sure to understand), the
behavior is the same, except that when the transport is stopped, I only hear
sound from the record armed tracks (which might be useful, so I've left it
like that).

Its called an "Insert" and its existed in Ardour since the dawn of
> time. Whether it correctly handles sending MIDI and receiving audio is
> a different question.

Cool!! Didn't know. When I finally get a stable setup here, will test that

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