[Ardour-Users] Cleaning up unused regions

fred f.rech at yahoo.fr
Wed Oct 5 12:50:38 PDT 2011

Le 05/10/2011 21:41, Thomas Vecchione a écrit :
> On Wed, Oct 5, 2011 at 3:38 PM, fred<f.rech at yahoo.fr>  wrote:
>> Well, do you need something from the pc I write this ?
> This would be better to troubleshoot over IRC rather than mailing
> list, and right now I am exceedingly busy for the next few weeks so at
> the moment isn't a good time for me.

You know, I was just trying to help another user on the list, and 
prefers to let that kind
of stuff to Gurus like you ! The only thing I have noticed, doing things 
like described in
the so-called-tip-as-you-and-others-said, is that the record time is 
growing when flush
wastebasket at the end, and put it on the list. Busy time here too... Peace,

>     Seablade

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