[Ardour-Users] Determine bpm of given audio

Ben Loftis ben at harrisonconsoles.com
Mon Oct 3 12:29:40 PDT 2011

>> Hi,
>> can you tell me an easy way to determine the bpm of audio that I record
>> with ardour? I will record a band that doesn't know how fast their songs
>> are. So I want to let them play it once and then record it with click at
>> the right tempo. I don't want them to go nuts, while I try to fumble out
>> the tempo by adjusting it manually. I have separate tracks for the
>> drums, so maybe bassdrum or snare are a suitable source.
>> thx.

Have the drummer play a measure at the tempo they want while you record.
Select a "range" from the downbeat of the first measure to the downbeat 
of the second measure.
Then click "Edit->Tempo->Set Tempo from Edit Range"


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