[Ardour-Users] Linux distributions

Edward Diehl diehl at umich.edu
Sat Oct 1 08:58:20 PDT 2011

A nice audio-oriented Ubuntu linux distro is DreamLinux.  You can install
kxstudio on top of this, though there seems to be some conflict between
some of the kxstudio stuff and the DreamLinux packages which have similar
content.  At any rate DreamLinux gives you a very up-to-date Linux audio
distro with, for example, recent SVN versions of ffado and linuxsampler,
giving you very good support for those packages.   However, I have to say,
I prefer AVLinux which has also the latest packages, because I prefer the
more stripped-down approach (LXDE vs Unity interface), removal of pulse
audio in AVLinux.  However, the only kxstudio app available on AVLinux is
carla which is a plugin host since the others depend on ladish and hence
Jack2, and AVLinux uses Jack1 (I think that is the issue, I might be
wrong).  At any rate, both AVLinux and DreamStudio have bootable DVD
versions allowing you to test them before installation.  

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