[Ardour-Users] Ardour 3.0 beta1a released

fred f.rech at yahoo.fr
Fri Nov 18 01:18:56 PST 2011

Le 17/11/2011 23:34, Paul Davis a écrit :
> After a furious 3 months (more than 600 code commits), the Ardour team
> is pleased to announce the release of Ardour 3.0 Beta 1.
Hurrah for the team ;) The changing features is really huge and shows 
how it was a
furious period !! In only one word : bravo !

Install on i386 32bit is ok, and old A3 sessions open without problem :-)

May I add some questions and/or comments between quotes downthere ?
Thanks again for your work !
> New Features
> ===========
>      * Allow route groups to color their tracks
Really usefull !
>      * Add option to insert time on all a track's playlists
Does it means that if you select all tracks you do the same in all the 
playlists ?
>      * Option to glue new markers to bars and beats
Is it a way to add a marker when you are in play or record mode ?
>        * Add session option "MIDI-region-copy-is-fork". If set, all MIDI
> region copies will be independent from each other; settable via
> Session->Properties->Misc
That's a good option to have by default
>      * Offer explicit monitoring choices, so that tracks can be forced
> to monitor their inputs (and more)
Have tried just now and, wow... remembers what you can do on hardware 
>      * Add option to have track/bus selection linked between the editor
> and mixer windows
Save a lot of time when you have only 1 screen !

>      * Fix meter colour range to again have a hard knee at 0dB and
> twiddle colours so>0dB levels are red and stand out.
Could it be possible, in some future, to add an option or whatever to 
say to the GUI
something like "when it's over -10dB, color the meter (and/or box above 
it) in orange" ?
>      * Fix port matrix dimensions on non-24-bit displays
If it's what allows to set /edit/preferences/interface/font scaling to 
it probably will save my vision and/or allow to put of these F* glasses !!
>      * Provide global prelight option (its in Edit ->  Preferences->Interface)
What is it please ?
>      * Add "active" indicator/control to rows in the editor route list
Cool to set it quick !

When a track is not active, do you delete it when clean up the session 
and flush basket ?

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