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fukked up fukked_up at gmx.net
Thu May 26 17:27:13 PDT 2011

Thank you for your comments, I didn't expect such a feedback! (with or
without snare)
This message got stuck , I used the wrong email account, so here is what
I was trying to say a few hours ago plus some words added to keep up
with the discussion:

Oh, if you ask me, the new recordist, it's the sound of the snare and
the drummer...
no, but the snare is cheap and the drummer plays very "dynamically", so
it's difficult to use dynamic tools...can't even gate the bassdrum.
The snare is recorded with an sm58... yes I know it's for vocals and
transmits less bass to compensate the close distance (we use a special
word for that in german: "Nahbesprechungseffekt"). But it was the only
mic we had, that did record anything acceptable at the level. The others
introduced distortion. At the bottom we used a condenser. They're phase
inverted and mixed at different levels and eq (4band parametric). Maybe
the bottom is too loud but it sounds so much "crisper" with bottom. That
might be caused by the condenser mic.

It didn't sound too good in the room, when we recorded.

Also there's some ladspa reverb on the snare stereo bus, which might not
be the best choice. I didn't want that anyway.

If you really want, I'll dig out the session and check, what was
actually used. As far as I remember, there are no dynamic tools in the
drumset tracks nor buses, maybe a hard limiter somewhere. Compression
and limiting are done by jamin as master pre fader insert.
I'd have used a gate, but the tracks weren't gate friendly, i.e. the
loudest snare on bassdrum tracks is louder than the softest bassdrum...

My personal experience with compressors in single channels or buses is,
that it leads to side effects if you don't watch out.
btw can you tell me a good compressor for channels (moderate ressource

The whole recording setup costs less than 1000€.
I'm recording regularly but on this semi-pro level.
For us it's the best we've produced. We're so proud of it, you can say
whatever you want about our snare. That doesn't matter to me, because
it's done.
The whole image must fit, the snare is not the only problem here.
In fact I'm not unhappy with the snare.
I just wanted to let you know about another piece produced with ardour.
What we really need is a studio with a separate control room. We just
have a single room for band and pc.


>its a snare?
No. It's a cardboard. We had a cardboard as bassdrum too, listen to our
other album on jamendo http://www.jamendo.com/de/album/71587.
It's also made with ardour.

>Sounds to me like they miked the bottom, and used WAY too much of it.
Yep! Upper side isn't better.

>About the Snare Drum, how deep is it?

>Perhaps you will want to experiment with deeper ones, having two SM57s
each in each side facing the centre with a 45 angle approximately.

First have two sm57s then have a deeper snare... but experimenting with
what is available e.g. angles and distances, is and will be done.

>That'll probably be the last time he posts on this email group.
NP - I'm used to that.
And feedback has a value.
Often comments like
>a: vocals louder!
>b: less vocals!
appeared under our songs. Difficult to decide then...

I'll implement your suggestions in further recordings and ask about the
snare before it's released...

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